Sentrex products

Blockbottom bags

Paper bags with a block bottom mainly in sizes from 0.5 kg to 5 kg, two-layer and three-layer bags and bags with a window.
Our products are mainly used in the food and construction industries.

Product specification:

Material: kraft paper 50 – 150 g / m2
Format range:
Bag width (1): 70 – 280 mm
Bottom width (2): 40 – 160mm
Marker length (3): 200 – 550 mm
Number of layers: from one to three layers


The technology at our disposal allows for the production of bags consisting of up to 4 layers. In the folding process, paper is used for the first layer, while for the next inner layers, paper, foil or PE coated paper can be used, which can constitute a functional barrier. Optionally, the bag can have a handle, which is glued onto it in the form of a special reinforced laminate.

In order to facilitate the opening of the bag, a reinforced foil strip, the so-called a tear strip that tears the bottom of the bag with a pull.

Product specification:

Bag length: 250 – 1180 mm
Bag width: 180 – 600 mm
Bag bottom width: 70 – 180 mm


Flexographic printing

Sentrex has the option of printing paper and foil in rolls using the flexographic method and the use of water-based inks. Technological capabilities allow the use of up to 10 colors in one production cycle. Roles are used for packing loose food materials on packing machines, xerographic papers and in the further internal process of packaging production.

Product specification:

Maximum print width: 1270 mm
Maximum material width: 1290mm
Marker length: 260 – 1130 mm
Printing colors: 1 – 10